The impact of marketing retail products through kiosk and self-checkout point-of-purchase systems is opening up new windows of opportunity for many retail and service resellers. Automated point-of-purchase kiosks offer improved marketing opportunities of goods and services while reducing transaction time. Due to the fast pace lifestyles that we lead, customers do not have time to idly wait for a single cashier in the check-out line or for travelers to check-in with two or three overworked airline registration agents. Economic conditions have forced companies to streamline their payrolls and resulted in a reduction in customer service. Automation improves speed of service while delivering a consistent sales message and a consistent buying experience. Our current flagship product Automated DVD Rental Kiosks are revolutionizing the way people rent movies in the North America. Our under development Automated Retail Systems will offer a fun and efficient method for the general public to buy merchandise.

Our intelligent kiosks are machines with brains. Our sophisticated suite of software form a vast network which gives rebirth to our high intelligent devices. We utilize Business Intelligence, Remote Data Acquisision, Operational Intelligence under one roof. We are participitants of the open source revolution, we are followers of the world of the unified technologies.

S250 Specs

Dimensions 31' x 24' x 70'
Weight 418lbs
Capacity 250 DVD or Blu-Ray
Payment VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
Electrical Requirements 120VAC
Environment Indoor
Communication Any broadband connection
  • We will set up the machine for credit card transactions through your own merchant account.
  • Login to our website and manage your machines remotely. Your account is created as soon as you buy your machine. Use our website to configure your machines, set pricing, read real time reports. Find out instantly how your business is doing.
  • Our machines come with one-year warranty. Extended warranty or service agreement may be separately purchased. Free phone and chat-line support is offered for as long as you own the machine.
  • Complete training program is available for your in-house service and maintenance team.